John Francis Pearce

3/9/1951 - 5/30/2024


John Francis Pearce, 73, of Port Townsend, passed away on May 30, 2024 in the loving presence of his family after a late diagnosis of stage lV cancer in the final weeks of his life.

Hard working, talented, modest, and full of charisma. He was known for his deep passion for classic cars, blues guitar, and pride in his family. To truly know John was to spend time working together, playing cribbage, and learning his old school work ethic. This was different for each one of his children as he fostered unique relationships with each one of them. His proudest times in life were spent on Vashon Island running his own meat shop, snow birding in Phoenix, and later retiring in Belize.

He will be greatly missed, especially by his four children, Ozzie, David, Philip, and Margaret and Jacqueline Pearce, whom he was married to for 41 years. He also leaves behind three siblings, eight grandchildren and countless family and friends whose lives he touched.