Trump lingers on | Tom Camfield

Tom Camfield
Posted 7/29/21

As I mentioned the other day, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Minority Leader of the U.S. House, had experienced an initial spasm of patriotism and honesty in early January when he admitted that the …

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Trump lingers on | Tom Camfield


As I mentioned the other day, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Minority Leader of the U.S. House, had experienced an initial spasm of patriotism and honesty in early January when he admitted that the failed Republican nominee (Trump) saw what was unfolding. “These facts require immediate action by President Trump.”

Politico of Jan. 13 stated: House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy called on President Donald Trump to “accept his share of responsibility” for the violence that overtook the U.S. Capitol last week and urged Republicans to accept that Joe Biden is the next leader of the nation.

“The president bears responsibility for Wednesday's attack on Congress by mob rioters,” McCarthy said on the House floor. “He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts require immediate action by President Trump."

But between then and now someone, in some manner, appears to have convinced McCarthy of a more-rosy Republican outlook for himself following the congressional mid-term election of November 8, 2022.

All 435 House seats will be up for election. Democrats maintained a majority in the U.S. House as a result of the 2020 elections, winning 222 seats to Republicans' 213. Democrats flipped a mere three seats and Republicans flipped 15,

Obviously the forces of Trump will be clawing to break the tie in the Senate — but also (and of much greater importance to McCarthy) will be attempting to “flip” a mere 5 more of 435 seats to gain control of the House.

‘That would give McCarthy (quite obviously) Nancy Pelosi’s job as House Speaker, and put him third in line of succession for the Presidency. I imagine there also is involved eying of the GOP nomination for the presidency in 2024 .

At which time there still will be plenty of room under the bus for McCarthy behind Rudy Giuliani and others — in the event that Trump is still out of jail and thinks that he can finagle the GOP nomination for the presidency a third time.

In any case, it seems obvious to me that McCarthy is looking for a GOP victory as the best political shot for himself on Nov. 8, 2022. And he’ll be utilizing Trump lies, widespread gerrymandering, general other voter suppression and a lazy off-year presidential voting pubic for all they’re worth.

All while Trump sulks and skulks over flipping an already partially-racist-misogynist society into a true over-all white-male supremacy — and justifying somehow a more-favorable spot in history books by finally winning a majority of the American popular vote in a third-and-final attempt.

So in the year-plus ahead, more than just general stupidity over routine vaccination against the covid-19 pandemic including variants) should be grabbing and holding our attention. We need candidates who can see also the effects and eventual elimination of fossil fuels, the drastic effects of global warming and competitive population increases — and otherwise look to the future we will be handing off to those who follow us.

While our vote will be largely limited by state boundaries in the 2022 election, many among us have Twitter and other social media — along with our our traditional Free Press —  with which to operate in the meantime. And we can send cash donations to out-of-state candidates’ campaigns as the elections near.

Donald Trump has labeled the free press the “enemy of the people” (a term introduced by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin for the purpose of annihilating those who disagreed with him).

Google: “Republican voter warns of embracing Trumpism.“

“I think the greatest danger to this country right now is Trumpism, more so than any policy,” says Phil Heimlich, noted national Republican. “If they're able to suppress the vote, whatever policy you care about, if they're able to attack our rule of law, and we become one of these countries like Turkey and others that have really become right-wing — be really dictatorships, it doesn't matter what you stand for. So I think all of us, Republicans and Democrats, have to make the decision we're going to put country ahead of party.”

The New York Times said Jan. 25: “The Delta Variant Is the Symptom of a Bigger Threat: Vaccine Refusal “After an all-too-brief respite, the United States is again at a crossroads in the pandemic. The number of infections has ticked up — slowly at first, then swiftly — to 51,000 cases per day, on average, more than four times the rate a month ago. The country may again see overflowing hospitals, exhausted health care workers and thousands of needless deaths.