Posted 10/11/23

Hateful letters in The Leader

I was once again very distressed to see another letter to the editor last week that reflected what I perceived to be hateful sentiments directed towards migrants …

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Hateful letters in The Leader

I was once again very distressed to see another letter to the editor last week that reflected what I perceived to be hateful sentiments directed towards migrants and refugees. It is disturbing to think that the Leader would print a litany of racist and undermining language that has the potential to make an entire group of people feel unsafe and fearful. I understand that people are entitled to their opinions, but this letter classified these individuals as "rapists", "murderers" and "terrorists" which is not only an inaccurate generalization, but downright offensive and hurtful. Seeing LTE's like this which can cause so much harm and division in our community gives me pause about continuing my subscription. I seriously hope you'll reconsider giving these kinds of outbursts a platform, especially one that was as poorly written as

that one.

Thanks for listening.

Mary Purdy

Port Townsend

We’ll be paying attention to this. — ED


Stop Development,
Let Deer Roam

Leave the deer alone. Port Townsend does not have too many deer. Deer are roaming animals so of course we will see them in parking lots, in our yards, walking through uptown and downtown. They roam. It is their nature to roam and browse and graze. Deer fences will protect our plants and trees. Continued development has created the illusion that we have too many deer. When you destroy habitat, you squeeze them into smaller and smaller areas. This forces the appearance of overpopulation. They will continue to roam and browse as is their nature. In order to protect perhaps their very existence we need to secure and raise the consciences of the town’s power brokers to the stance of wildlife advocates.

Stop development.Stop development before the deer population’s very existence is threatened by human interference to ‘control’ it. Stop development before the deer are forced out taking with them part of the gentle beauty that is Port Townsend.

Marilyn Berry

Port Townsend

Reply to Bernie 2024

I read the letter titled Bernie 2024 printed October 4, 2023. Bernie is not what America needs now or ever. The nation can’t afford anymore of Biden either!

The real truth is Obama, Holder, & Biden ran guns to terrorist drug cartels and those guns murdered thousands of Mexican citizens, American tourist, and one U.S. Border Patrol Officer. Biden pulled out of Afghanistan in the middle of the night thus arming the Taliban and other terrorist with billions of dollars of military weapons. "Aiding and Abetting" an enemy is treason, but nothing done about it. Then we have the Biden crime family and nothing done.

Then in 2017 Dr. Fauci stated that Trumps Administration would face a major pandemic during his time in office. Now how do you forecast a pandemic? It was all planned. Trump was not even at the Capital on Jan 6th. Then there’s the Hunter Biden laptop and all that damning evidence the FBI sits on! The elites want to keep power that is why they keep going after him. He threatened to drain the evil swamp in D.C and that is why they are after him. Why do you think Biden wants the border open? He sees the millions of illegal’s as future voters for the democratic party!

President Trump was making America great again until he was sabotaged with covid, BLM, Antifa, and


Since the beginning of his campaign, Biden’s foot has been no stranger to his mouth. He is under fire again for quote as a confession of wide-scale voter fraud. “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden slipped and spoke the truth.

Gary Price

Port Ludlow

The Leader Failed Kinetics

Imagine, if you will, a somewhat quirky small town in Western Washington. For many years, locals and visitors have gathered to join in the fun of a "race" of creatively-decorated homemade vehicles that can traverse streets, water, mud, and sand under human power. Imagine, also, that the local paper of the week before the event contains no reference to the race. Not even a schedule. Really?

Roger Andersen

Port Townsend

Don’t have to imagine quirky, and we dropped the ball. Working on it. — ED


Opposition to tax is not

Columnist Jason Victor Serinus, in his Oct. 4, 2023 editorial, “A Golf Course for All Must Transcend Division,” suggests that opposition to a new aquatic center is linked to discrimination against trans-gender people.

Maybe Mr. Serinus doesn’t know that the median annual income in Port Townsend is $54,907, which means that half of the households here make $54,907 or less per year. Many are on fixed incomes, and are worried about upcoming votes and elections for various new taxes. Opposing more taxes for a $38-million-dollar aquatic center (the cheapest design being considered) that will need a $400,000 annual subsidy from the City, in addition to loan payments and service on the debt, has nothing to do with anti-trans sentiment and everything to do with being afraid of not being able to make ends meet.

The recent almost-successful attempt by Mayor David Faber and the City Council to eliminate golf from our public golf course was derailed by public pressure at the last minute, which was when most of the community realized what was happening. Let’s hope that as a result of this experience, we’ll pay closer attention to what our city government is up to.

To read the final feasibility report for the proposed aquatic center, and the funding strategies, including taxes, that have been proposed, type “Healthier Together City of PT” into your browser, click on the link to the City website, scroll down to “Materials Available for Review” and click on “Aquatics Center Final Report.”

Kris DeWeese

Port Townsend

Having History Here

When I moved to Port Townsend in November 1990 I only knew one person.

I had fallen in love with the place when I spent a week at my mother's friend's home. She lived across the street from Fort Worden so I spent many hour exploring and learning about the trees, birds, fish and plants there.

This journey awakened me to all the new possibilities of re-inventing my life at the age of fifty. After teaching and directing an Early Childhood program in Randolph,Vermont I needed to open new doors after resigning that position. I realized that it was up to me to make big changes. 

Taking a chance and putting an ad in the Leader, I was offered a job to be the night manager at The James House (now a private residence)

There was no pay but a lovely room and bathroom and separate entrance and I just had to greet people and show them their rooms and be of help.

The rooms were all so beautiful and I had a chance to play the piano and learn about the history of Port Townsend.Each day I had time to walk and make new friends. I discovered the Port Townsend Library, the different art galleries and bookstores. The weeks went by and I began to attend services at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship as well as joining the Bet Shira congregation. These different experiences gave me opportunities to grow and change.

The Rose Theater became one of my favorite places to see a diverse selection of films. I hold fond memories of Peter Simpson and his wife as well as Rocky Friedman. It was as if  a whole new world was unfolding.

Even though I had spent much time in New York City and Boston and Burlington there was something so rare about Port Townsend and all the talented artists and musicians I met.

One of the best times I had was when I played piano at Lanza's!

Sometimes I can not believe that I have lived here for so long and make so many new friends.Each experience has allowed me to grow.

Serving on the Port Townsend Arts Commission was a valuable way to see how we give grants to people. Playing piano in the nursing homes

and at Jefferson Healthcare opened my heart to all the ways music can uplift people. 

Going to Centrum and taking workshops strengthened my confidence in myself and opened my eyes and ears and mind to all the gifts in songs, poetry, music.

How can I express all the joy I have felt over the years, even during hard times I know how much living here has provided my with a history of my own making.

The mountains, the Salish Sea, the beaches and people are gifts to keep me alive.

And I am grateful.

Nan Toby Tyrrell

Post Office updates
for Christmas

As the Postmaster of the Port Townsend Post Office I am proud to announce that we are fully committed to ensuring a seamless and joyous experience for all our customers during this special time of year.

There will be no additional surcharges for Postal Service customers for holiday packages or

mail. Also, there will be no additional fees for residential area delivery, Saturday delivery or for minimum volumes.

USPS will continue to be the most affordable way to mail and ship holiday season.

Since the beginning of 2021, USPS has installed 348 new package processing machines nationwide and expanded our daily package processing capacity to an industry-leading 70 million packages. This is part of a $40 billion investment in new technology and facilities under our Delivering for America plan.

Stabilizing our workforce has been a top priority over the past two years. We have converted more than 150,000 pre-career workers into career positions since October 2020. Due to this progress, USPS anticipates the need to hire only an additional 10,000 seasonal employees.

I encourage you to visit the Port Townsend Post Office for your mailing and shipping needs during the holiday season. We offer a range of services, including packaging materials and affordable shipping options to make your holiday preparations hassle-free.

We look forward to serving you and being a part of your holiday season!

Denise Judd


Port Townsend Post Office