Posted 10/4/23

Of course


Dear Editor:

The purpose of this Email is to address the abandoned Trail Nine course and its impact on the Port Ludlow community. Over the past fifteen years, I have …

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Of course


Dear Editor:

The purpose of this Email is to address the abandoned Trail Nine course and its impact on the Port Ludlow community. Over the past fifteen years, I have reached out repeatedly to the County Commissioners, County Attorney, County Administrator, County Fire Marshal, and DCD, to date I sent forty-five letters and emails and made a dozen phone calls on this subject.  As usual, my email’s and letters have been ignored.  I want and expect answers to the following questions:

Please explain why:

The County has never required PLA to comply Jefferson County Code section: (15.05.020 e) on the Abandoned Trail Nine Golf Course “The fire marshal shall enforce regulations and conduct activities related to fire prevention and fire safety, in coordination and cooperation with law enforcement agencies, fire districts, and other agencies within unincorporated Jefferson County;”

The County Fire Marshall has never required PLA to comply Jefferson County Code section: “(15.05.020 f) The fire marshal shall conduct all necessary enforcement action and proceedings under Title 19 of the Jefferson county code to enforce the International Fire Code as adopted by Chapter 15. 05 JCC;”

The County never challenged PLA when they violated the Port Ludlow MPR-RA Zoning Code by abandoning the eighty-three acre “Trail Nine Course” [6.92% of the 1,200 acre MPR]?

Why Jefferson County has failed to enforce Section 3.906 Major Revisions as required by the terms of Port Ludlow Development Agreement between Jefferson County and PLA. [10/4/99].

This pandering by the County to PLA must stop.  It is time for Jefferson County to enforce the zoning laws and requirements of the Development Agreement as well as code sections: (15.05.020 e) and (15.05.020 f) for the benefit of all Port Ludlow residents, property owners and tax payers.

Bert Loomis

Port Ludlow


Hey sports


Dear Editor:

Why is it that since the start of this school year I have not seen anything in the Leader about the Port Townsend, Chimacum or Quilcene  high school and middle school sports teams? As was done for several decades the team sports schedules for these schools was published in the Leader. In the past, the Leader always printed the results of these school teams.

I’m sure the Leader has reporters that can search out and publish team game results.


Karl Jacobsen


Emotional experience


Dear Editor:

I just wanted to express my pleasure at participating in and volunteering for the 24th Annual Port Townsend Film Festival.

This is my fourth (maybe fifth?) year to participate (the pandemic having interrupted) and it seems this was a very good year for all concerned.

The film programming, forums and events were terrific.

I laughed, I cried, I danced! I glimpsed celebrities! The new online system, where you can reserve your seat ahead of time, is terrific and I still had plenty of time to discuss and rate the films with the other attendees, without freezing in the rain!

I also like the more relaxed pace – fewer screenings, more time to kibbitz – and the built-in dinner hour. And as always, the outdoor free films!

Much credit goes to Danielle McClelland, the exec director, and her amazing staff - Christy, Aba, Keith, et. al. And all the wonderful volunteers.

Can't wait for next year!

Rachel Rutledge

Cape George




Dear Editor:

I wish I could say that the inaccurate numbers stated in my last week's letter were intentional, to make the real numbers look more appealing, but the truth is it was just a mistake. Here are the accurate numbers; the Transportation Benefit District will be funded by a 0.3 percent sales tax which is 30 cents on $100.

Use the hyper link below for all the TBD facts:


Rebecca Kimball

A sinking ship


Dear Editor:

Tom Mullen’s front page article about sinking ships was very concerning. In a bit of follow-up research, I learned that a marine vessel that sinks is the legal and financial responsibility of the vessel’s owner. BUT, if the owner can’t be found or can’t pay or won’t pay, we do (or nothing is done and the boat remains on the bottom).

Apparently the process of dealing with “derelict vessels” costs us all tens of millions of dollars a year. Worst of all, by far, is the fact that the oil, fuel, plastics and other pollutants on these vessels kill marine life and otherwise contaminate our precious marine eco-system. From what I was able to find, owners of these vessels are very rarely held legally accountable either. What do you think the penalty ought to be for someone who knowingly allows his 83’ ship to sink, dumping diesel fuel into Hadlock Bay in the process? Perhaps one solution would be to require anyone who owns a boat to have insurance or post a bond, which covers its safe removal from the environment, preferably before it sinks. 

And the seller of a boat, the U.S. Coast Guard in this case, should be required to obtain proof of that insurance before releasing ownership to a buyer.  This entire process is supervised by the DNR and if you care about this subject, please contact them.  Thanks to The Leader for bringing this to our attention.

Niles Powell


Ws and how


Dear Editor:

The Leader’s page “The Peach” provides a great list of events in P.T. and surrounding area.  The dates and times are clearly shown; however, the location of many events and venues are not given.

How about including the street addresses of events and businesses listed? I’m probably not the only reader who is tired of trying to find a location for an event or business and just giving up.     

Many businesses or events have probably lost a number of customers or attendees, because we just didn’t know where to go.

Remember the Five Ws — Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How

Carolyn Salmon




Dear Editor:

I feel the need to respond once again to the letter about the slow process of permits in Jefferson County “Long waits for permits in Jefferson County”.

It is obvious you did receive the permit for your ADU.

In my observation, it looks like another small rental house.

There are no more trees or land left for another ADU/small rental house. Enough trees and land have been sacrificed for your greed.

Congratulations. Your mission is accomplished. You have your commune.

Kim Hammers

Bernie 2024


Dear Editor:

Your attention please America!

Since it is looking like Donald Trump is  the presumptive nominee for the GOP (gasp)- as the Republican primary has become a race for second place as seen by the Republican debates.

Crazily Trump is running neck and neck in the polls with Biden. That should not be. I believe the Democrats need to have a primary - if only to determine who polls strongest against Donald Trump. I mean, democracy is on the line my fellow Americans and we can’t afford a close race with Trump in the mix. Trump wins - game over.

I am of the opinion that as Americans we should demand that the Democratic Party toughen up and present us with a candidate that has less of a likelihood to drop dead on stage in a National debate or worse have a Mitch McConnell moment and leave us dead in the water. All of US deserve a candidate that can crush trump in an election. Biden is damaged goods.

He is frail and like Hillary Clinton, Biden is becoming an increasingly polarizing leader and may ultimately be compromised by his son.

Because it is looking like our only option is between two ancient old white guys for the future of democracy we need to elect the smartest and strongest ancient old white guy. Someone who is considered trustworthy is popular, a candidate that attracts non-partisan independent minded voters.

The senator from Vermont is still out there, engaged, alert, and alive. I heard a long speech of his on local radio recently and Me. Bernie Sanders appears to be at the top of his game - a true representative of common folks, not another in a long line of corporate American shills. Let’s finally break the corporate chain of Presidents.

Popular democracies moment is now or never.

Larry Lawrence

I like it


Dear Editor:

Thanks for publishing Carole Marshall's column "One Hundred and Singing." Engaging writing, details that made me smile, an ending that acknowledges the real challenges of aging while offering courage for the road ahead.

More, please.

Margaret D. McGee