Has the high price of gasoline made you change your driving habits?

No, I have not changed my driving habits at all. 34% | 212 votes
Yes, I am consolidating trips to drive less. 18% | 111 votes
Yes, I drive only when I absolutely have to. 14% | 87 votes
Yes, but not much. I do not live close to work, the grocery store, and other places I need to go. 11% | 66 votes
No, I walk where I need to go. 11% | 66 votes
No, I don't have a gas-powered vehicle because they are evil and contribute to global warming. 7% | 42 votes
No, because I have an electric vehicle. 5% | 29 votes
No, I take public transit or bum rides from friends. 1% | 6 votes


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