County health officer: COVID-card mandate prevented local outbreak

Posted 11/4/21



Jefferson County’s mandate for people to show proof of vaccination for COVID-19 before entering a bar or restaurant likely prevented a major outbreak recently, Public Health …

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County health officer: COVID-card mandate prevented local outbreak




Jefferson County’s mandate for people to show proof of vaccination for COVID-19 before entering a bar or restaurant likely prevented a major outbreak recently, Public Health Officer Dr. Allison Berry said Monday.

Berry, the health officer for Jefferson and Clallam counties, instigated the extra precaution after COVID-19 cases started to spike on the Olympic Peninsula and beyond due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

During her weekly pandemic briefing to county commissioners Monday, Berry noted a recent case where a restaurant worker who had COVID had been on the job for three days during their contagious period.

It happened about two weeks ago, and the person had also been a server at an indoors wedding that had 120 people in attendance.

“Not a single person got COVID-19 from that worker,” Berry said, “including that entire wedding party who that person served for three hours.”

Without the mandate in place, the infection could have spread into a large outbreak.

Berry said there could have been 60 cases from that individual alone, as well as the potential for hospitalizations and perhaps death.

The added precautions, Berry said, are preventing significant transmission of COVID-19 in local restaurants.

In other good news, Berry noted the potential approval of a COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11.

“We’re very excited about that,” she said.

Jabs could start next week, pending the federal go-ahead and then distribution of the vaccine.

She estimated that up to 50 percent of that age bracket would likely get vaccinated in Jefferson County, and that effort could be wrapped up in a few weeks.

“We should be well-situated to take care of our kids,” Berry said.

The number of COVID-19 infections in Jefferson County hit 1,164 cases Monday, but Berry noted that just one resident was still hospitalized for the coronavirus Nov. 1.

Nationwide, the number of COVID cases were flattening but at a very high level, she said.

Cases in Washington state were also at a plateau, and the numbers in Jefferson County have also flattened out.

Berry also noted: “74 percent of our cases are among the unvaccinated.”

As of Monday, Jefferson County's cumulative total of residents who have been hospitalized due to COVID-19 stood at 70.  A total of 31 residents were in active isolation due to the disease, which has claimed the lives of 17 people in Jefferson County since the start of the pandemic.


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  • Dcc

    Keep up the good work, Dr. Berry!

    Thursday, November 4 Report this

  • MargeS

    She had not been vaccinated? Why was she working?

    Thursday, November 4 Report this

  • Farther

    Thank you for your hard work and perseverance.

    Friday, November 5 Report this

  • HarveyW

    The Leader has suddenly changed format regarding comments. It seems Marge Samuelson is now absolutely anonymous. I think the comment with no tag "She had not been vaccinated? Why was she working?" sounds like Marge and matches the removal of any tag or name on all her comments going back years that now have no tag at all. As always I stand to be corrected.

    Others such as myself, Harvey W have had their tags changed. I was blocked and unable to point this out when it first appeared in the "Hundreds leave WSF State Patrol and other agencies as vaccination mandates take effect" story. I don't know until I hit send now if I am still unable to bring this to the attention of all. I know many will not see a problem. That is the problem. In issues local and national that cannot be openly discussed.

    I am now, decided by the Leader, to be forestgems19, in all past comments. I think that is or was a p***word. Justin Hale was briefly loudonna80 then changed back to Justin Hale. Some who commented anonymously such as myself on a very few occasions, are now outed by the Leader. No shame here, but a betrayal of trust has happened for those wishing to be anonymous. Our friend Tom Camfield is still Tom Camfield. No change, no consistency in changes. An announced change and consistent change in advance might have been less of a blind side to many. And not raised questions for those who question.

    Dcc and ****her commenting here are anonymous and new to me. Did new commenters get to choose handles, will they be outed in the future by the Leader? Could they be an organized effort to cheer on what is happening? What prevents the Leader from in house anonymous comments? There are obviously different levels of trust for the Leader, and "facts" presented by the Leader. These are the times we live in. Some lay down. Some stand up.

    Harvey W is now forestgems19. Forest Gems is my business. No secrets, but a change that obscures Harvey W's comments. I stand by the body of work over the years I put time and thought into. Open government and free press are the consistent subject. The leader has censored many times, entire online articles and letters to editor. If you don't see a problem, that is the problem.

    Sunday, November 7 Report this


    Thanks for pointing this out Harvey. Good info and I am thankful I know what I have to look forward to. I appreciate all the opinions that come in.

    I also wont ever hide behind an anonymous post, pseudo name, or anything else. Anyone else that has to hide behind anonymity is usually the one trying to hide something.

    And with full ****n enthusiasm, LETS GO BRANDON!

    Monday, November 8 Report this

  • HarveyW

    As of 11/9/21 after sending an email to both editor and publisher of the leader I am HarveyW again. However comments on this columnists column,77443?#comments

    I made as "Spreadneck of Knowledge" has my HarveyW tag. No shame. I thought using the term "Spreadneck" that Bill Mann used to vilify and create hate for a diverse group relative to spreading knowledge was appropriate.

    Still issues with some like Marge being absolutely anonymous, Justin Hale going from his fake name to loudonna80 and back to Justin. This indicates specific tampering with comments, not just a product of software changes in the now format overall. I stand to be corrected. I do not enjoy clarifying as I often have to. If you start something you have to see it through.

    Hope the Leader fixes the built in censorship of parts of innocent words like password. The asterisks you see relate to your behind or a donkey. Actually is a fun game to find out what words are hidden in innocent words. The asterisks actually find and bring attention to words hidden in words you would never notice.

    The Leader is in a tough place. Props for not deleting information that I added to Bill Mann's piece.

    Propaganda/censorship allows no back and forth. Different ideas are the corner stone of free thought, that used to be the corner stone of America. Always arrive at your own ideas. Be aware of the influences you are under daily and seek broad sources for information. Anyone threatened by that does not have your best interest at heart. Propaganda is the norm these days. Think for yourself.

    May you live in interesting times is an ancient curse.

    Tuesday, November 9 Report this

  • HarveyW

    Yet another clarification. The word password made it through, and the gaseous word contained in anonymous commenter ****her has asterisks removed. The world is safe. We can all sleep well tonight. Best to all. Really.

    Tuesday, November 9 Report this


    I guess B L O W is now an offensive word. We are headed down a steep cliff. Spot on Harvey.

    Tuesday, November 9 Report this

  • HarveyW

    "Lets go Brandon" is a polarizing message Dustin. I thought you were more into building bridges than walls. We are indeed headed over a cliff many don't understand. Any form of "them and us" accelerates that.

    Wednesday, November 10 Report this


    LETS GO BRANDON. Polarizing message or not. People watched, listened, and became polarizing through the last President. I can remember the phrases "F*** Donald Trump", "Not my President", and several others which I don't need to tell you as I'm sure you know. Does not matter if you liked him or not. But comparing "F*** Trump" to "Lets go Brandon" is silly. Some of yall got your feelings hurt by this. Why did everyone take down all the Brandon/harris signs? Embarrassment perhaps? I guess if you cant control your functions not to **** in front of loyalty is a good sign.

    I guess sniffing little kids and saying he cant wait till they turn 18. Sons a crackhead. A daughter of Bidens Diary found claiming of ***ual Abuse by a close relative and age inappropriate showers with DAD aka Brandon. Oh that's not true you say. Why did the FBI raid journalists houses, in the middle of the night, who supposedly had it?

    Still waiting on answer for what's getting so good around here and for our Country. "LETS GO BRANDON" has nothing to do with you! Its another form of Protest that you or others dont specifally like. Where were you complaining when a lady held a mock version of a beheaded President? But "LETS GO BRANDON" is polarizing? You serious?

    Its a form of Protest with wayyyyy more class than the last ones! Brandon hasn't done anything for me or you he said he would. Im glad its here. It wont go away! I can think of other Protests that should have been addressed before this. The rest of them were violent, people died (or did you forget), cities were overrun. But now there is a classy phrase that hurts yalls feelings with no cusswords or words of violence. It actually encourages someone to do better.

    Guess what? LETS GO BRANDON!

    Wednesday, November 10 Report this


    And Harvey my apologies. I didnt intend for that to be directed at you. More of a vent. Just fyi. I agree with trying to make things better. Ill continue to work on the aspects as best I can. Thank you for the heads up though.

    Wednesday, November 10 Report this

  • Dcc

    Keep in mind the phrase was first chanted by slack jawed southern yokels from a Nascar grandstand... in Alabama. Not exactly Mensa material.

    Wednesday, November 10 Report this



    I wonder what those slack jawed yokels would say about you? Or would they bother at all? Are they less because they are from Alabama? Its not clear what you mean Dcc but your hateful nature is sure coming out. That phrase started in football stadiums, just fyi. And it continues in Stadiums, , Nascar events, Pro football games, soccer games, and even Itunes (#1 by the way). Can southern yokels help with anything like that? And it'll keep continuing till something changes for the better. And we all know that's not gonna happen. But we (Southerners, Yokels, Racists) don't have to threaten violence or burning everything down like BLM did on multiple occasions. Are ya happy we are teaching most of our children they are less than? or would you expect that in Alabama? You happy with young children of all races blaming some little children who had nothing do with and never will getting provided with grief and a future of shaming?

    The only thing thats "Yokel" here is your statement was pretty sad and shameful. Come back when you have better facts. it was a reporter who said it trying to cover for the viewers. She did a good job but the people did better. It started well before that Nascar event. I'd say it started Jan 20 this year.


    Wednesday, November 10 Report this


    And still nobody has come back with anything good that the Brandon administration has done yet. I think thats a lost cause. Citizens here would rather hate on people bc of where they are from. Thats systemic if you ask me. Years of you being taught southerners are stupid and racist. Systemic parenting maybe. You learned that somewhere. i didnt teach my children to hate. But people like you do promoting stereotypes of your fellow Americans. Some of those people are Veterans who fought for your freedom. Thank one tomorrow!

    Wednesday, November 10 Report this

  • HarveyW

    I waded in here to both point out and try to get resolved issues with the change in comment format that outed some people and hid other identities.

    The fact that there is censorship software now that is randomly putting asterisks over selected words contained within words that has not been disabled (this seems to be inconsistent) is troubling because censorship software exists at the Leader and could be used to censor other words.

    I have emailed back and forth with the publisher of the Leader. Some changes have happened. Some have not. I am glad that the publisher of the Leader is more aware of comments, who is behind some anonymous comments, and is more aware of what goes on in comments.

    Hers is a difficult position to be in. There must be pressures from many angles. If others what to go "them and us" using comments I am no part of it.

    We do all reveal ourselves if we comment frequently. I never hit send without understanding I am putting myself in a position to be attacked. Has happened. Welcome it. Reveals others not myself. Gives the chance to further explain what I say and call out false narratives.

    Bridges not walls. As more facts regarding vaccines come to light, from very qualified individuals, we must "kick at the darkness 'till it bleeds daylight" We all learn every day. Narratives must evolve.

    Thursday, November 11 Report this


    Thanks to Dr. Berry. No thanks to those hijacking the comments thread with overly righteous indignation and complaints about other issues.

    Thursday, November 11 Report this

  • HarveyW

    Snark attack!!!! Thanks to the thankers for thanklessly thanking. Also thanks to the publisher of the Leader for communicating more in a few days than the City of Port Townsend has in years regarding ignoring laws and codes. And taking action.

    Thanks to the Leader for restoring most tags to original and not hiding some names. Not important at all to some, think and thank are similar words, but different.

    Things did stray a bit. That is the real dynamic here. One showed the ability to admit a mistake. Thanks.

    Smokecreek, please expand if you can on why you don't believe it is important to keep this comments forum from hiding some folks identities in comments back through all comment history, having asterisks obscuring innocent words, and having the problem and solutions out there for all to witness. Your turn. Thanks!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the forum Leader. Good conversations.

    Friday, November 12 Report this