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Trump created a "Crazy" America. You called haters before Trump became president, I showed some of the reasons people didn't trust him long before he became president.

Where does the hatred some of his supporters display come from? And what can we do to promote healing?

"In Profile of a Nation, I outline the many causes that create his followership. But there is important psychological injury that arises from relative—not absolute—socioeconomic deprivation. Yes, there is great injury, anger and redirectable energy for hatred, which Trump harnessed and stoked for his manipulation and use. The emotional bonds he has created facilitate shared psychosis at a massive scale. It is a natural consequence of the conditions we have set up. For healing, I usually recommend three steps: (1) Removal of the offending agent (the influential person with severe symptoms). (2) Dismantling systems of thought control—common in advertising but now also heavily adopted by politics. And (3) fixing the socioeconomic conditions that give rise to poor collective mental health in the first place." Scientific America - By Tanya Lewis on January 11, 2021

You can go on and on but we are all better off without Trump.

From: Time goes by | Tom Camfield

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