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Well written and said Jeremy. Some points agreed with and some not so much. I would like nothing more than for the two individuals involved to be able to get together and have a discussion on a neutral playing field. But this is between them now. Not us. One question. Why is everyone coming out of the wood works to say what Julie ought to do to receive forgiveness and when she will be forgiven?

There’s a lot to be countered in your letter (which is very very good) however I will attempt to stick to one primary point I’ve noticed over the past few weeks.

In this instance, you have a possible crime of harassment, correct? I’ve seen several folks come on here and call for her forgiveness and whatever else they have decided morally is correct for her to do. I haven’t seen this town do that for other crimes involving forms of harassment and assault. Only when it gives the opportunity to grandstand. She doesn’t owe anyone an apology if she doesn’t choose to. It’s up to her whether she chooses to do any of those recommendations. She’s not required by law to do any. But this truly seems as another attempt to show “superior virtues”! If she chooses to learn anything more at her age that’s her choice. Only to continue writing to the paper and offering a list of goals to achieve forgiveness weeks after the fact is a lack of ability to forgive in the first place. When she is done with these requests, who’s will she have to atone to next?

From: Mountain View Pool did the right thing, Julie Jaman has the chance to do the same | Guest Viewpoint

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