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To claim that there was no/0 fraud in the 2020 election is just outright ignorance, do an internet search. Election fraud does exist, the amount is unknown because there is no select committee to investigate it, as there is in investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

"Trump will be found guilty of inciting a riot and attempting to stop the electoral count" So far your prognostications have all been wrong.

"the man (Trump) is a total failure as a human being and as a politician"..... Really? The man has been a major real estate developer in NYC and elsewhere, had a career in the show-biz, was the POTUS, has raised children that don't have a history of heavy drug abuse, and have never been kicked out of the Military or has been involved in dirty dealings with foreign agencies,..... what have you done?

From: Now and then | Tom Camfield

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