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The problems we have today, let's see;

Fuel prices through the roof, which reflects on all things that require transport. During the Trump administration, the US was a major exporter of oil, the price of gas per gal. somewhere around the mid-$3 range, today under the Biden administration it's just coming down to the $5 range.

Inflation, and services we are not getting. Governor Inslee made vaccine a condition of employment, and many other counties and cities took his lead. Today they say our hospitals are being overrun not because of Covid, but because of a lack of staff. Same with the ferry system, sometimes you sit for three hours to take a 30-minute ride to Edmonds, and then on the way back, it's another 3-hour wait.....why? lack of staffing. Never had that problem three years ago.

The "free press" is assaulted by Trump? You can't be serious. You haters and the biased MSM have had it out for Trump even before he took office. Hel, even today they/you are the ones doing the assaulting.

"Donald will be working on the usual stalling, misdirection, etc, between now and the ultra-important mid-term election this coming Nov. 8 (and the Presidential Election of 2024)." Yeah, like the entire Jan. 6 committee isn't misdirection? Like saying "MOST ALL OF TODAY’S PROBLEMS seem to have hungry roots in the dirt that is Donald Trump" isn't misdirection? Please tell me which direction is Biden leading US to? more of this? .." President Joe Biden announced executive actions Wednesday to address climate change after his legislative agenda faced a setback in Congress.". Oh, so our future is now decided by an authoritarian instead of by our congress? What? I thought Trump was supposed to be the authoritarian/fascist?

From: Now and then | Tom Camfield

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