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Marge, I already said that Biden won the election. I also said that Trump should just give it up and move on. The only purpose his lawsuits and re-counts will serve is to bring to light the irregularities and outright fraud that is inherent in a vote by mail system. I've already posted about the Judicial watch lawsuit (2017) against Los Angeles where they found over a million inelligible voters on their voter rolls.(!)

Every American should care about the integrity of our elections. Maybe you don't but I do and so does President Trump.

M.NoName makes a false statement "Hunter never admitted he used his Dad's position to get millions from Ukraine" I posted proof that Hunter did admit it. NoName then asks for proof that Hunter Biden profited in China, and I post evidence that he did.

I post what I believe to be the facts that neither you nor NoName contest, but both of you have the gall to tell me to stop "spewing Trump's lies". I guess it's like NoName said "doesn't matter, Trump lost".

From: Welcome, Georgia! | Tom Camfield

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