Best small towns: east, west and in-between

Best East Coast small towns to live in

Stacker has compiled a list of the best small towns to live in on the East Coast based on Niche's 2022 Best Places to Live.  

Best Midwest small towns to live in

Stacker determined which small towns in the Midwest are the best places to live using data from Niche's 2022 Best Places to Live.

Best West Coast small towns to live in

Looking for a small town on the West Coast? Stacker reviewed Niche's 2022 Best Places to Live and narrowed the results down for you.

Best Southern small towns to live in

Stacker used 2022 Niche data, and other sources, to rank Southern suburban and rural towns.  

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Best places to live on the West Coast

Thinking of picking up sticks and heading west? Stacker analyzed data from Niche to determine the best places to live on the West Coast.

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Smaller rental homes have higher vacancies, data shows

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Where and why more new homes are getting wrapped into homeowner associations

Homeowners associations have seen a massive rise in the last decade. Portland Real Estate analyzed data from the Census Bureau to explore where and why single-family homes are increasingly included in HOAs.

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