Financial Planning Takeaways
If financial freedom is a life goal for you, a financial plan is critical. A comprehensive financial plan should be reassessed periodically to incorporate life changes. You can begin at any stage in …
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10 US and Canadian cities that are converting office space into housing

Many new apartments aren't built new; they're converted from offices or warehouses. Calgary.com identified cities following this trend.

5 charts that showcase the US rental market in 2023

Rentlodex examined data from the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to explain the current state of the U.S. rental market.
Spending and Saving Strategies for 2023

(NewsUSA) - The past few years have upended many perceptions of financial stability. A layoff or career change, inflation never before seen by younger generations and the lingering uncertainty of …

Three Money-Saving Cell Phone Plans to Brighten Your Holidays

(NewsUSA) - Inflation got you worried money’s tighter than Santa’s belt? If you’ve searched everywhere but the couch cushions for extra cash for gifts, switching to one of these …

Planning for Winter Expenses Pays Off

(NewsUSA) - Winter is coming. And so are winter expenses. Planning ahead for inevitable winter expenses, from holiday shopping to home winterization, can save you time and stress as well as …

Richest current Republican politicians in Congress

Stacker ranked current Republican politicians in Congress by their total estimated net worth using a database compiled by Insider from congressional disclosure reports.  

Richest current Democratic politicians in Congress

Using a database compiled by Insider from congressional disclosure reports, Stacker ranked current Democratic politicians in Congress by their total estimated net worth.  
How home equity compares in each state
Canva Many American homeowners saw their wealth balloon over the last two years as the U.S. real estate market experienced an …
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Metros with the highest rates of home appreciation
Andriy Blokhin // Shutterstock Homeownership is a big part of the American dream, though that goal became more expensive in …
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States with the most multigenerational households
Marina Andrejchenko // Shutterstock Millions of Americans now live with multiple generations under one roof, according to Census …
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Where construction companies are building the most homes
sculpies // Shutterstock Nearly 5 million Americans moved during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to data …
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How to set productivity goals for 2023
lzf // Shutterstock As the New Year arrives, many people make resolutions that they're going to get more done, whether it's at work …
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Leave these 6 phrases behind to sound more confident over email
Gorodenkoff // Shutterstock Hello! Per the above headline, I thought I would just put together a few tips that may help you try …
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Colleges where graduates have the most student debt
Nirat.pix // Shutterstock In August 2022, President Biden announced his plan for student loan forgiveness, garnering elation from …
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20 of the richest LGBTQ+ people in the world
Steve Granitz/WireImage // Getty Images It's no secret billionaires and millionaires are overwhelmingly composed of white, …
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These 5 charts show the ups and downs of the US stock market over 10 years
Canva The U.S. stock market is a complicated beast, and with recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic, we've seen some volatility …
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How America's small businesses are handling pay raises in a competitive job market
Cameron Prins // Shutterstock Although a tight labor market might benefit job seekers, it's squeezing employers—including small …
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Here's how many households spend over half their income on rent in every state

Stacker examined 2021 Census Bureau data to find how many renters in each state spend more than half their income on housing.   

Meet Cindy Hill-Finnie, New Board Chair of First Fed

It’s been nearly 30 years since Cindy Hill-Finnie first fell in love with Port Townsend - the Victorian architecture, idyllic neighborhoods, and seaside vistas. Today, she is woven …

Meet Chris Neros, New Chief Lending Officer and Executive VP at First Fed

At the heart of community banking is the people. Christopher “Chris” Neros was drawn to First Fed for their long legacy of commitment to their communities and pursuit of innovative ways …