A new law aimed to increase voting access in rural counties. In South Texas it's having the opposite effect.
Natalia Contreras // Votebeat At church last month in Sinton, Texas, Pam Hill's neighbor approached her after service and asked her …
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Biggest March Madness upsets since 1982
Brian Bahr // Getty Images Every year, sports fans are consumed with March Madness and the thrill of the upsets that make—or …
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How electrolytes like potassium and magnesium can boost your cognitive health
Svetlana Khutornaia // Shutterstock Have you ever considered that hidden within your daily routine might be the secret to unlocking …
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How telematics could lower insurance premiums for safe drivers—and help discourage bad driving habits
metamorworks // Shutterstock Remember the days of thick policy binders and static premiums based on broad demographics? Those days …
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Women on quarters: Who they are and why it matters
Chip Somodevilla // Getty Images United States currency today shows an extremely limited sample of the American people, …
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Single-use plastics revolutionized the medical industry. Now, they're raising concerns about sustainability.

Medical Technology Schools analyzed studies and news reports to illustrate why experts are raising alarms about the unsustainable use of medical plastics.

Marine Toys for Tots is Honored with Humanitarian Award

(NewsUSA) - Thanks to the ongoing support of the American public, the Marine Toys for Tots Program was honored to receive the esteemed Humanitarian Award at the 26th Annual CBS Family Film and TV …

Know as They Grow: How birth defects affect each stage of life

(Family Features) Birth defects, structural changes that affect one or more parts of the body, are the leading cause of infant mortality. To help improve the lives of people living with birth defects, consider this information.

The rising prevalence of type 1 diabetes in minority populations
(BPT) - Sponsored by SanofiAriel (Lawrence) Sarpeh was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes right before her 16th birthday — a …
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5 ways to help improve your child's well-being
(BPT) - Does it seem like your kids are busier and more stressed than ever? With an average school day of seven hours and two hours of …
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Walmart’s New Early Morning Delivery Service: Shopping Made More Convenient Than Ever
(BPT) - At Walmart, we are relentlessly driven by a single mission: to help people live better. We understand that in today's …
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5 tips to help your student thrive this year
(BPT) - Do you remember how challenging school could be? As a parent, it’s easy to forget that studying and homework …
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Recharge your routine with new snacks
(BPT) - Are you looking for options that can help you choose more wholesome, better-for-you snacks for you and your family to enjoy as …
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Extreme Weather Prep

(Family Features) As one season gives way to another, fluctuating temperatures can lead to extreme weather that puts your personal safety and property at risk.

Handcrafted for the Holidays: Unique DIY gift ideas to celebrate the season

(Family Features) If spending hours scouring store shelves or browsing countless websites for the perfect gift for everyone on your list seems like a daunting task, opt for a more personalized approach: a handmade gift.

Social Goodness: How digital is helping public institutions drive impact

(Family Features) While companies that want to stay competitive in the private sector often rely on new technologies to boost productivity and drive efficiencies, public institutions.

Travel nurses: What they do and how to become one researched ways people can prepare for a career in travel nursing, including skills beyond that of a typical RN.

These 10 states have issued the most speeding tickets

Insurify turned to its database of more than 97 million quotes from partner companies to determine which states had the speediest drivers.

What Nobody Tells You About Recovering from Breast Cancer

(BPT) - Pain. Fatigue. Scars. Depression. These are side effects we often hear about and associate with life-saving mastectomy surgeries. But did you know that total or partial chest numbness is a …

Pregnant & Protected: The Importance of COVID-19 Vaccination for Those Who Are Pregnant

(BPT) - COVID-19 is still here this fall and presents a higher risk of severe illness and complications that can affect you and your developing baby. Severe illness can result in admission to an …

The Secret for the Look of Glowy, Revitalized Skin

(BPT) - In the quest for radiant-looking skin, we’re constantly on the hunt for the newest cream or silky serum, and trendy treatments don’t always deliver the results we hoped for.If …

These 5 counties are most vulnerable to extreme winter weather
ND700 // Shutterstock Which counties face the biggest risks from winter weather events like ice storms, blizzards, and cold …
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Some Texas counties struggle to meet new law's demand for more polling places
Shelby Shelby Tauber for The Texas Tribune Some Texas election officials are running out of time before the March 5 primary to find …
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Most surprising March Madness winners of all time
Brett Wilhelm/NCAA Photos // Getty Images There's a reason it's called March Madness. Besides the mad enthusiasm (and heavy …
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Why there's growing momentum for paid leave policies
Sarah Chai // Canva State Sen. Erika Geiss knew from personal experience what her proposed legislation could do for her …
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Overwhelmed by digital privacy? Reset with these practical tips
Roman Samborskyi // Shutterstock If thinking about protecting your privacy online makes you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or resigned, …
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