7 Budget-Friendly Gardening Hacks

(Family Features) Gardening can be a simple way to beautify your yard, relieve stress and save money on your grocery bill, but like any hobby, you can get carried away buying necessary equipment.

Pet-Friendly Gardening Practices

(Family Features) If you have pets that enjoy spending time outdoors, it's important to make sure your yard is a safe place for them to be.

5 Must-Haves for Outdoor Entertaining

(Family Features) Let your personal style shine and elevate your hosting skills with these ideas.

Urban Gardening 101

(Family Features) Urban living and lush gardens aren't as mutually exclusive as one might assume. In fact, it's possible to cultivate thriving gardens in even the smallest spaces.

How to Create Rain Barrels for Your Garden

(Family Features) Gardeners typically understand plenty of water, good ground and a steady stream of sunshine all play vital roles in the food production process.

Beyond catnip: 7 safe, cat-friendly plants to have at home

Wag! compiled a list of seven plants that are nontoxic and fun for cats to chew and play with, especially if they don't react well to catnip.   
Fun Advice to Introduce Kids to Gardening
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4 Tips to Plan a Bountiful Garden
(Family Features) Whether you’re a novice just learning to cultivate a magical display or an avid gardener with years of …
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7 expert tips to make sure your lawn is healthy and beautiful
(BPT) - Believe it or not, mowing season is now upon us. And depending on where you live, you may have less time to prepare than you …
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3 money-saving tips for creating an eco-friendly lawn & garden
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Create Beautiful, Inviting Outdoor Spaces
(Family Features) With all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer, a few pops of color or other simple embellishments can help make …
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Attract Backyard Birds with the Right Seeds

(Family Features) Knowing what kinds of seeds different birds like can help you attract a variety of fine feathered friends to your feeders.

Garden expert approved: New trends and plants for 2023

(BPT) - No matter where you live or how green your thumb, you can enjoy the beauty and bounty of gardening at home. Now is the ideal time to plan a spring garden that will be the envy of the …

Natural inspiration: 5 ways to maximize the goodness of gardening

-(BPT) - Did you know gardening can have a significant, positive impact on people's lives? During the pandemic, 18 million new gardeners turned to their outdoor spaces to relieve the stress and …

Are you making these 5 common spring lawn care mistakes?

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Outdoor Living Trends for 2023

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More home and garden ideas
(BPT) - According to Houzz, more than half of homeowners (55%) are planning to take on home renovation and improvement projects in 2023. From outdoor maintenance to interior refreshes, spring is the …
(Family Features) Even if your budget is tight, you can still make small changes to transform a room.
(BPT) - As we quickly approach warmer months, homeowners are getting ready for their summertime favorites, including spending more time outdoors and entertaining for backyard barbecues. However, they …
(BPT) - Just in time for warmer weather, step outside and imagine your ideal outdoor space. Create an area that complements your lifestyle and encourages you to spend more time outdoors. Now is the …
(BPT) - If you or a family member experiences allergies or asthma, you know how challenging it is to avoid triggers. When pollen is high, its effects show up immediately through irritation of your …
Whether you’re a new homeowner ready to tackle the landscaping for the first time or a seasoned gardener looking to do some updating, when it comes to gardening, you simply need the right tools to do the job well.