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20 of the biggest insects in the world

Stacker compiled a list of 20 of the biggest insects in the world using a variety of news, scientific, and other sources.

20 of the strangest natural phenomena in America

From features in national parks to regional quirks, Stacker compiled a list of 20 of the strangest natural phenomena in the U.S.
The deadliest accidental explosions ever recorded
PIUS UTOMI EKPEI // Getty Images Civilization needs an ever-increasing quantity of resources in order to sustain its activities, …
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Parachuting to Mars: Safe Exploration of the Red Planet
(BPT) - Two years ago, NASA’s Perseverance Rover landed on Mars, an aerospace feat helping prepare the mystery planet for …
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70 photos from the '70s that show how the world was changing
Keystone/Hulton Archive // Getty Images All told, the 1970s were a chaotic decade. At home, the countercultural revolution of the …
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Colleges with the most Olympians since Tokyo 2020
lazyllama // Shutterstock According to the National Collegiate Athletics Association, about 75% of the Team USA roster in the 2020 …
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Odds of 50 random events happening to you

Stacker reveals the true odds of rare instances, such as bowling a perfect game or living to be 100.

23 astronomical events to look out for in 2023

Stacker compiled a list of 23 astronomical events to observe in 2023 using a variety of news and scientific sources.  
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7 common types of anti-transgender legislation that have passed or failed in the last 10 years
Kevin Dietsch // Getty Images On March 2, 2023, Tennessee passed a law criminalizing drag performances—the first of its kind …
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States where the most Jan. 6 rioters were arrested
Bill Clark // Getty Images Leading up to the riot in which supporters of then-President Donald Trump attempted to storm the U.S. …
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The Nigerian Prince and 8 other common cybercrime characters
fizkes // Shutterstock "My Dear, a fortune is awaiting you … but it's locked in an overseas account …" Sound familiar? You …
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People in these 20 industries donated the most money to Donald Trump
Evan El-Amin // Shutterstock Former President Donald Trump announced shortly after the midterm elections in November 2022 that he …
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10 groundbreaking inventions and the women who created them
Cynthia Johnson // Getty Images The world's first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace, was born in 1815 to the poet Lord Byron and …
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States with the most active-duty military members
Melissa Sue Gerrits // Getty Images The largest army in the world as of 2022—with about 2 million active members—belongs to …
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Biden greenlights Alaska drilling project and extends new protections to the state's North Slope
Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images On March 13, the Biden Administration approved the controversial Willow oil project. …
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The US surpasses 100 mass shootings in 2023—here's every event mapped
Ron Adar // Shutterstock Since the start of 2023, the United States has averaged more than one mass shooting per day. The Gun …
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States looking to end daylight saving time changes
Zephyr_p // Shutterstock Daylight saving time has become a recurrent topic in public debates over the last few years. For over a …
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The impact of changing liability on the social media experience
Anna Moneymaker // Getty Images In February 2023, two cases were argued in front of the Supreme Court that could change how social …
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