How much does it cost to win Best Picture? Breaking down the biggest and smallest budgets.

Stacker looked at data from The Numbers on production budgets of Oscar-winning films to see what it costs to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
With Beyoncé’s foray into country music, the genre is finally breaking free from the stereotypes that have long dogged it
Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, at the 66th Grammy Awards on Feb. 4, 2024, in Los Angeles. Kevin Mazur/Getty …
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Best Picture losers that won the most Oscars at their ceremony
Frazer Harrison // Getty Images The Oscars may be the biggest (and oldest) awards in the film industry, but they're also the most …
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24 of the most anticipated movies coming in 2024

From the "Mean Girls" musical to the "Nosferatu" remake, Casino Bonus CA highlighted 24 films audiences are most looking forward to in 2024.

Highest-grossing Best Picture winners of the last 50 years

Stacker compiled a ranking of the highest-grossing Best Picture winners of the last 50 years, using domestic box office gross from The Numbers.

Best films turning 50 in 2024

Stacker ranked the top 50 films turning 50 years old in 2024, providing a strong overview of the innovative and long-lasting impact of 1974 cinema.

Are the Grammys biased against hip-hop and rap? Here's what the numbers say.

Stacker dove into Grammy nominations, Billboard charts, and Spotify and Last.fm data to quantify the Recording Academy's predisposition to hip-hop.

10 first-time Grammy nominees for 2024

Stacker highlighted 10 artists nominated for a Grammy at the 2024 awards ceremony for the first time.

Entertainment 2023
Take laughter, add tears: The secret recipe for the most-liked Super Bowl ads
Viktoriia Hnatiuk // Shutterstock The following article by two marketing professors from Boise State University is a Research …
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25 actors who've come out after playing an LGBTQ+ character
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images Film and TV representation of LGBTQ+ individuals has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent …
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25 celebrities who you may not realize have learning disabilities
Lionel Hahn // Getty Images Learning disabilities are the most common type of disability for school-aged children. According to Pew …
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Biggest NFL playoff upsets of the last 70 years
Rob Tringali // Getty Images For all 32 NFL teams, a successful season is determined by the ability to compete for one of the most …
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Highest-grossing genres at the 2023 box office
Photo Illustration by Stacker // Shutterstock Genres are a way to organize the kinds of stories we tell one another. This type of …
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10 popular '90s artists going on tour in 2024

Stacker compiled a list of 10 popular '90s artists going on nostalgic tours in 2024, including full-blown reunions and album anniversaries.

Osage history comes to Hollywood in 'Killers of the Flower Moon'

The Daily Yonder looks at the cultural and local impact from Martin Scorsese's latest film retelling a dark chapter in Oklahoma's past.

10 reality shows that were hits in other countries before the US

OLBG found 10 reality shows that were hits in other countries before they became household names in the United States.

Top 25 stars of 2023, according to the people

Stacker used IMDb data on 2023's top stars to showcase the stars who consistently ranked the highest on IMDb's STARmeter throughout the calendar year.

Symbol of a superhero empire: The evolution of Marvel's logo

Trademark Engine dives into the history of Marvel's logo, tracing its evolution from a simple design to an iconic emblem of superhero and cinematic excellence. 

5 of the best holiday travel movies
Buena Vista // Getty Images Whether you're returning to the town you grew up in, visiting family across the country, or driving …
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The highest-grossing Christmas weekend movies from the last 40 years
Gareth Cattermole // Getty Images - Christmas weekend gross: $77,359,666 - Total gross: $684,075,767 - Genre: Action - Run …
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From A-listers to tennis legends: 20 famous figures who are also surprisingly musicians
Scott Dudelson // Getty Images Experts agree that having a creative outlet is important for mental health. One recent study found …
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The Napoléon that Ridley Scott and Hollywood won’t let you see
The 1802 Battle of Crête-à-Pierrot was part of Napoléon's effort to retake Haiti − then known as Saint-Domingue …
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15 unconventional Christmas albums from the past 50 years
Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage // Getty Images Remember The Singing Dogs? It was a band of canines whose songs were spliced-together …
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