Some hip feedback from Leader readers | Life in Ludlow

Ned Luce
Posted 4/8/22

Several nice people graciously responded to last week’s column where I wrote about mine, and my family’s, response to my bum hip. 

I appreciate their empathetic sentiments and …

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Some hip feedback from Leader readers | Life in Ludlow


Several nice people graciously responded to last week’s column where I wrote about mine, and my family’s, response to my bum hip. 

I appreciate their empathetic sentiments and suggestions. 

One old friend confessed he liked the column in spite of the fact that he rarely knew anybody I mentioned. There were a couple of hip surgeon referrals confirming what the current environment holds for medical help. The situation is that there are plenty of medical options available from here on the Peninsula to Kitsap County to Seattle. 

However, the facts are:

A. They all seem to be real busy given the average age of their patient base is about 103 years old, and B. They are not readily available to help guys who scream bloody murder at their wives with every untoward move. 

Pat Cooper gave me an “over the top” enthusiastic recommendation for a surgeon working out of Swedish Hospital in Seattle and I got in to see him a couple of days after I called. Success is on the doorstep! 

Well, for a couple of reasons he couldn’t do the surgery very soon so he introduced me to a new surgeon who joined the practice recently. I agreed to use him in spite of the fact he looked about 15 years old. 

Another issue arising from the bum hip is the plan to move our television viewing activities from the lower level of our home to the main level thus relieving me of the burden of navigating the steps. 

A couple of folks gave me much appreciated suggestions on this subject. 

First there was the model of TV focusing on the brand as well as the technical intricacies of LED versus OLED whilst I was more inclined to focus on black-and-white versus color. In addition, one lady thought it best for us to forget the new TV idea since it would be far healthier for me to keep the viewing downstairs where catching the latest Randolph Scott western movie would require me to walk up and down the steps. If you don’t know who Randolph Scott is maybe I should suggest Ted Lasso? 

Ramsey and Anne Burrell-Smith have returned from their winter in Baton Rouge, Louisana. To celebrate with a few friends the Smiths were back, Vic and Sharon Draper had a small dinner party. BJ and I went by for a drink, fine wine for BJ and a nice glass of water for me. 

Consistent with my prescribed and current diet we came home before the good food showed up. 

Ramsey and Anne had ordered eight cases of wine whilst in Louisiana to be delivered here in Port Ludlow. Since they were out of town they asked if we could receive them and store them until they returned. 

No problem until you try to figure out where they are going to store all that wine on their boat. Whatever, they came by to pick up the wine which was stacked in the garage in “protective mode” behind the Porsche. 

After Ramsey loaded all the wine in his pick-em-up truck I asked if he could do me a favor by starting up the car just to get the fluids flowing a little bit following a month of idly sitting in the garage. It started right up and he backed out of the garage so I could make sure the tires had not completely flattened out. 

BJ is close to finishing out another enjoyable year as an AARP tax aide. She shares practically no information with me, as she should, unless a friend of ours may have sent along greetings. 

However, she does have some fun stories of some of the different circumstances people have found themselves facing. I am particularly fascinated by the man who has a file of his PUD bills, dating 17 years back! Tax-day is the 18th of the month so get on it.

Friends, I cannot fully express my appreciation for your gracious comments. 

I, like you, look forward to the day I quit talking about my hip. 

OK, there are also those who took note of my enthusiasm for Duke basketball and lack of same for KU basketball. It was less than fulfilling last Saturday afternoon when Duke lost and KU won. That’s why they play the game. 

Love a curmudgeon and have a great week.

(Ned Luce is a retired IBM executive and Port Ludlow resident who regrets to report that players on the Kansas basketball team have had no leg injuries prior to the championship match, despite the Jayhawk’s walking all over Providence, stomping on Miami, and booting Villanova. Contact Ned at