Covid chaos | Tom Camfield

Tom Camfield
Posted 9/2/21

Some 637,531 voices in the U.S. (as of Monday) can’t be reached for comment on the subject. They’re dead. At least that many individuals have died from COVID-related illness in this …

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Covid chaos | Tom Camfield


Some 637,531 voices in the U.S. (as of Monday) can’t be reached for comment on the subject. They’re dead. At least that many individuals have died from COVID-related illness in this country since the beginning of 2020, according to official sources.

World-wide Covid deaths through Sunday were 4,520,118.

Makes one wonder what the little group assembled on a nearby street corner is talking about when it shouts about being deprived of individual freedom in government — as they have strapped on their seatbelts and driven down to the Safeway parking lot to protest a government mandate involving the wearing of masks.

The true goal of the self-serving stupidity thriving in our midst seems to be preservation of the white supremacy champion who has managed to get his foot into the door. And that would be Donald Trump.

The U.S. is on track to record another 100,000 COVID-19 deaths by Dec. 1, a forecast from researchers at the University of Washington said. While the U.S. already has so far recorded some. 637,500 deaths, researchers say that more than 738,700 could be reached as soon as by Dec 1. For the first time since March 2021, the U.S. is reporting an average of more than a thousand COVID-19 deaths a day. Cases have also been rising across the country as the more transmissible Delta variant spreads.

Things have looked comparatively safe in little old Jefferson County, where superior medical service has held things in check. But over the past weekend (Friday through Monday) 26 new cases were recorded. We’re swiftly moving from the stranger across town to the woman next door.

The COVID-19 pandemic is surging again nationally — with nationwide case counts having increased by 64.4 percent over the past 21 days, according to an Aug. 25 story in The Daily Beast.

The story notes: In western South Dakota’s Meade County, more than one in three COVID-19 tests currently are retuning positive and over the last three weeks have increased by 3,400 percent. This exponential growth in n cases likely is attributable to the 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which drew an estimated 500,000 visitor to Neade County and its environs from Aug. 6 through Aug. 15 potentially as a super spreader event.”

It's difficult to keep up with the news these days, especially the pandemic. It will be September before I can get this reasonably proof-read and off to the Leader.

But while such Southern states as Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, etc. have been the main drivers of this most-recent pandemic surge, South Dakota deserves special concern The state more broadly has witnessed a 686.8 percent increase in daily case counts over the past three weeks, currently more than 10 times the nationwide rate. Meade County’s post-Sturgis uptick is certainly a contributor to this state-level increase. However neighboring counties have experienced a sharp incline in cases, too — ranging from a 1,900 percent increase in the past three weeks in Butte to a 1,050 percent increase in Lawrence.

As of a week or so ago, “only” about 180 new cases of COVID had been traced directly back to Sturgis. The annual South Dakota debacle undoubtedly sent the COVID seed back home to infect outposts both near and far represented by the half million visitors .

This all is occurring at a time when vaccines are available, but millions of people have been refusing to take them. During the Sturgis rally, several attendees told The Daily Beast they were unvaccinated and would not take a shot.

The foregoing is taken in large part from a more lengthy story which may be read along with others, by searching the headline ”Warnings About the Sturgis Rally Have Come Tragically True.”

Meanwhile, the deep South continues the traditional internecine battle for downright stupidity. Mississippi's governor says people in the state are less scared of COVID-19 because they believe in "eternal life.”


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Justin Hale

Good Lord Tom, you just can't get beyond your hatred for Trump can you? Well, why not since there is precious little good to say about the job the current POTUS is doing.

You say 17 states have enacted laws restricting access to voting. That does not jive with this from ( Not surprising that once again you distort reality to suit your partisan purposes.

You say that people are protesting the government mandate to wear a mask, once again a distortion of reality. Mostly people are protesting against the mandate to be vaccinated. Wearing a seatbelt and being forced to being injected are hardly comparable. One more distortion of reality, trying to tag Trump as the "white supremacist" who is against vaccination is B.S., he has encouraged people to take the vaccine.

Answer me one simple question Tom, should we be forced by mandate to take the vaccine? Yes/No?

Are the WSF workers right or wrong to stage a "sick-out" in protest to the mandate?

Thursday, September 2
Marge Samuelson

Nicely written Tom. Unfortunately Trump still has a great deal of influence. Just in hale should go back a few years and review what Trump has said to his proud boys and other bigots. But no that won't happen. It's a mandate in Jefferson & Clallam counties to present a vaccination card when you go to an bar or restaurant, no one is going to push you down and make you have a vaccination. That is against the law. But mandates are a little more subtle, it's a social thing eating out, going to a bar, insisting on proof of vaccination is legal.

It will be great to eat out again without the fear that the person next to you is coughing Covid all over everyone. Instead of getting the "jab" why not call it the miracle vaccine that saves lives.

Thursday, September 2
Dage Corvish

Rubber Chicken and his BDS, still seeking simple, still popping pimples in the dark, unable to gaze into the mirror where simple resides.

We should not be forced by mandate to take the vaccine, but selfishness rules and we are forced to take measures to protect others. Citizens should accept no less from the elected government than keeping the innocent safe.

Mandates are a great opportunity for protest, giving people a choice: get the jab, or stick to their principles and find a new job. What an example they can display for the young and their fellow citizens.

The racist inhale virus has apparently perused a different article than Tom's sources, so of course he calls Mr. Camfield a liar, and yet sticks up for his Dear Leader at every opportunity. No one, not even Rubber Chicken, has a more distorted view of reality than t****.

If Rubber Chicken finds these blogs so distasteful, why does it continue reading them? Could it be a troll?

Friday, September 3
Tom Camfield

As I mentioned, “Some 637,531 voices in the U.S. (as of Monday) can’t be reached for comment on the subject. They’re dead.” Here it is Friday, and the total already is 663,046—including 4 in JeffersonCounty. Tough keeping abreast of the numbers. I probably shouldn’t have used a June 21 report, which was updated Aug 13, etc.

Here it is Sept. 4 already. I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty more before Congressional election day 2022. Meanwhile , my congratulations to President Joe Biden for having the guts to end a useless 20-year war —and moving on to more useful things such as climate change, renewable energy etc.

Friday, September 3
Justin Hale

Tom you are definitely in the minority thinking that Biden did a good job the way his administration handled the evacuation of Afghanistan. Abandoning Bagram Air Base, leaving Billions of dollars worth of military equipment, and leaving prisoners to be released by the Taliban who will use those weapons against US.

Remember what Obama said " never underestimate Joes ability to screw things up"

Another stupid move by Biden, stopping the Keystone pipeline, blocking ANWR leases but allowing Russia to resume building their Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. How are you liking those $4+ per gallon gas prices?

Also, Biden has got US back into the Paris Accords which will obligate US to send Billions of our tax dollars to "developing nations" like China and India.

Congratulations Joe for proving Obama right.

Saturday, September 4
Tom Camfield

Oops. I see by The Leader that I'm once again behind already. It's six dead in Jefferson County as of today.

Saturday, September 4
Tom Camfield

According to a variety of polls, the vicious capitol attack of Jan, 6 (just eight months ago), was not obviously designed to justify the mistaken belief among stupider Americans that someone like Donald Trump would never tell a lie. More plainly and simply, a lot of people just eagerly have grasped weak excuses for their egocentric actions.

The voting age was not lowered to 18 until July 1971, and the first President for whom I voted was Dwight Eisenhower (gasp! A Republican!) in 1953.

So then I voted along for 67 years—cursing loudly on occasions such as election day 2016, but living with the results as determined by my fellow citizens.

Then came 2020! Who’d have dreamed that one man could find so many ways to lie and cheat his way out of reality? How could so many people still dream of having him leading one of the world’s greatest nations?

Yet here we are. The guy’s shooting for the mid-terms in 2002 and will be trying to short-change his way past the voters back to the presidency in 2004.

Saturday, September 4
Justin Hale

"Then came 2020! Who’d have dreamed that one man could find so many ways to lie and cheat his way out of reality? How could so many people still dream of having him leading one of the world’s greatest nations?" And yet he, Biden was elected thanks to four years of smear campaigns by the MSM, distortions, and half-truths by partisan Democrats like Tom against Donald Trump.

Yet here we are. The "I hate Trump" vote won out, and we got a senile has-been as POTUS and a VP who was less popular. At some point you have to ask if you are better off today than you were in 2017.

Tom, was this your "back to the future" edition?

Sunday, September 5
Dage Corvish

Rubber Chicken's BDS be acting up.

Sunday, September 5
Marge Samuelson

I will take President Joe Biden over loser Donald Trump any day of the week. Just In Hale, quit spreading the hatred.

Monday, September 6
Justin Hale

MS, So how are you better off with Biden ?

Monday, September 6
Marge samuelson

No one: President Biden’s handling of the pandemic. He takes it seriously and has followed Science not wishful thinking.

Under Trump it was “It’s going to disappear, one day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” Feb 27, 2020

The United States becomes the country with the most coronavirus cases. A title it keeps the remainder of Trumps time in office. March 26, 2020.

As has been shown the virus is still very much here because Trump supporters bought the whole “freedom” excuse. Anti-vaxers are just Trump supporters marching for their leader.

No. two: The economy, the stimulus helped people when they most needed it and now the Infrastructure bill will help create millions of jobs, good, high paying jobs. No more tax breaks for the super rich.

No. three: Our international image in the world suffered under Trump, hate showed its face almost immediately when he stopped travel from Muslim countries. Put up a wall along the Mexican border, instead of working on a diplomatic solution. Biden realizes the problem is very complicated and is making an effort to work with Mexico. Biden’s international ratings are at 75% whereas Trumps were at 17%.

There are more reasons but personally for me is peace of mind, no more late night twitter storms, no more daily white house briefings that end in fights and name calling, and all the hate and lies, lies, lies. . .

Tuesday, September 7
Justin Hale

One: Who was it that initiated Operation Warp Speed to develop the Vaccines? The vaccines were not avaiable while Trump was in office. Trump urged his supporters to get the vaccine.

Two: Prior to the pandemic the US economy under Trump was booming. Compare the price of goods while Trump was in office to what they are today.

Three: Under the Trump administration the illegal crossings at the southern border were somewhat restrained, as soon as Biden took office the numbers soared and are still the highest in 21 years.

Like most people your vote wasn't a vote for Biden it was a vote against Trump.

Tuesday, September 7
Marge Samuelson


Tuesday, September 7

MS. Wrong again. Also looks like you have a TDSs problem. I dont know but it looks like it when you cant keep Trump out of your article.

What the heck is a "Freedom Excuse"? Are we not free? Almost with ramblings like yours that promotes to chastise a group of people.

Our international image. Are you kidding? That so called President cant walk up stairs with out falling. He cant discontinue making racist comments. he cant get numbers right. He cant even get a sentence out. And when the cameras go off so do the masks. We cant tell if he is still sniffing hair of little girls or putting his hands on the shoulders of another mans wife.

So glad that you can sleep better. So glad that gas is up more than a dollar. So glad that food prices are. So glad Biden cut jobs day one. So glad Biden gave a eulogy for his mentor, a KKK officer and prominent member. So glad theres a President that can let us know that minority children are just as smart as white children. Also if you dont vote for him, You aint black! His words not mine.

13 Soldiers and Sailors died recently. His fault. His fault. Those who voted for him? Maybe. Most of em did it out of hate. I know a few and this town is full of them.

Did that hate for someone else help you sleep better while people doing the job and defending your freedom and public safety while those troops were blown up? What about their children and families? They sleep better as well? But orange man bad so you win right.

Lies? You think your getting truth now? How about the drone strike killing the guy that got our troops? Ohhhhh even thought the government told us it was successful they had to backtrack a week later and admit to killing an aid worker and a large family with children. But orange man bad.

Glad things are much better for you now MS.

Thursday, September 23
Tom Camfield

Returning to the illustration for this blog several weeks ago, I recall that Mary Trump considered her Uncle George to be a coward who will never fight a far fight. And as commentator @irajoe8 way back on July 24 pointed out: "In 2015, during the Republican primaries, Donald said the elections would be rigged . . . if he lost. In 2016 he said the election would be rigged . . . if he lost. In 2020 he said the election would rigged . . . if he lost.

"Well, Donald did lose . . . and we got January 6th."

Tuesday, September 28
Tom Camfield

Sorry; eyes are getting old. Make that "fair" fight.

Tuesday, September 28