Adams won’t seek re-election to Port Townsend City Council

Posted 4/21/21



Port Townsend City Councilmember Pamela Adams said Thursday that she would not be seeking re-election this year.

Adams’ statement …

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Adams won’t seek re-election to Port Townsend City Council


Port Townsend City Councilmember Pamela Adams said Thursday that she would not be seeking re-election this year.

Adams’ statement followed on the heels of Councilmember Ariel Speser’s announcement that she would not be seeking a second term on council.

“When Ariel told me she was not running again, I had to think again,” Adams said in an email to The Leader. “Three new council members at one time is not ideal. The learning curve is very steep unless one has worked in government before.”

“If not for the pandemic, the isolation, the stress, I would probably have decided to run again,” the two-term councilmember continued. “I love the privilege of serving this community as a councilmember.”

Adams said she was proud of the work she’s been able to accomplish in her eight years on the council.

“During my two terms we approved the stormwater plan, Howard Street Sub Area Plan, East Jefferson Fire Rescue annexation. We enabled the affordable housing task force and the homelessness five-year plan,” she added.

Adams also lauded the work of the council to assist the local business community during the rigors of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We worked hard throughout the pandemic to be flexible and make the impact on our businesses and residents less painful,” she said. “Serving on the Jefferson County Board of Health during this time was a rare privilege. I am very proud of the council’s work on safety and policing in response to Black Lives Matter.”

“I thank the city staff for their help and dedication throughout my two terms,” Adams added. “I will be looking for new challenges and ways to continue to be involved.”

The Port Townsend City Council will have three seats to fill this coming election as Mayor Michelle Sandoval (Position 1), Speser (Position 2), and Adams (Position 5) will not be running for re-election.   


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This week I am announcing my own "retirement" from commenting publicly regarding the state of Port Townsend. If you didn't get the drift you never will. I came here to a quite different town 25 years ago after giving years of service as Daystall Tenants Association chair at the Pike Place Market. What I called funky town, still echoing the 1960s and 1970s became Monterrey North, now Carmel North.

Similarly, at Pike Place an out of touch well paid PDA staff did damage regularly, that was packaged in statistics that looked good but stunk more than the dumpster by the fish market. That Council also had its power core, and folks on the Council who never questioned and voted Status Quo.

I even went to the State Attorney General regarding over a million dollars a year in fraud, who referred me back to the PDA that managed it into existence. So, when the FWPDA formed here I felt obligated to warn this community. I still did up until this week when all can see the State covers its tracks as does the FWPDA. Too few of the public followed the real details and spoke up. It is how it is.

Eventually I realized that my efforts at countless meetings at Pike Place could never override the basic disrespect that most everyone had for each other. With smiley faces, for personal gain. I watched it devolve over many years. I remember winning an issue with the Historic Commission at the Hearing Examiner level that was moot, because the Historic Commission had "broad powers", then not getting financial support from the damaged community to go to Superior Court. We had one of the premier law firms in Seattle to coach us. I learned a lot. Document, document, document. A few months later everyone who did not contribute complained because the covers over outside spots we were looking for were needed as the weather changed. They had no sense of cause and effect. They had paid little attention.

Paul Revere, the story goes, rode but once through town warning of the approaching threat. My horse is worn out. As I finally did at Pike Place, I realize I am too long at the fair. Other places and realities await. Doors have opened that only an old goat might experience, and sheep would never know existed. Seemingly content sheep none the less.

I thank the City of Port Townsend, the real one that is laws and codes written to keep egos and greed in check, and look forward to new horizons. Do check out this weeks pieces by John Mauro and Mari Mullen. Seems all is just fine after all. Time for others to step up. Or not. I am too long at this fair, but leave with memories and friends for life. Onward.

Harvey Windle

Pike Place Market Daystalls as Atypical Woodcraft 1976 to 2000

Port Townsend 1996 to 2021 as Forest Gems Mill and Gallery

New horizons 2022 to ....................

Thursday, April 22