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"But when we mark someone out as suspicious or dangerous to those we consider vulnerable, we must remember our own bias. Too often, white people suspect that people of color are more violent because of their race."

This is a terrible analogy. The author uses misdirection to accuse those who argue that the law puts women at risk of bias against trans people. That is, he means mark them as bigots and end the debate. While it's true that *some* people make a categorical error in conflating LGBT people with deviant or predatory behavior, the real issue is that the law allows disingenuous cis men to access private spaces, like women's bathrooms, that they should not. And while it is morally wrong (and usually illegal) to judge an individual by the behavior of the group to which that individual belongs, when it comes to the safety of women and children in public restrooms, it is absolutely relevant that 98% of acts of sexual violence are committed by men. By invoking the analogy above, the author is either asking the reader to overlook this figure or daring him to point out the plain fact that rates of violent crime are up to five times higher in *certain* communities of color.

From: Mountain View Pool did the right thing, Julie Jaman has the chance to do the same | Guest Viewpoint

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