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I think the bigger argument is not right versus left but getting back to the original issue. Whatever title the adult working at the YMCA was is irrelevant. Regardless of what that person chose to be, they still have the ability (unless information is provided otherwise) to impregnate women. Maybe that person had that aspect fixed and maybe they didn’t. Enough said there! In essence you have a biological male mixed in womens private spaces.

As for the mayor, did you dig any further? I did! Anyone that makes vague statements regarding pedophilia or *********** is someone to be studied, especially a city representative. That part of your letter is correct despite not going further. Whew there’s some issues there is all I’m gonna say. Those that don’t do the research will continue to live in their safe space like it never happened or he never said those things.

From: We have become a target of the right | Letter to the editor

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