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Very clear and well-expressed thoughts. The future is Walkable and the way we get there is to reinvigorate Uptown, with higher population density which can be reached in ways other than simply filling every lot with ADUs. The words, "...household of working young people" really resonate. It's being done in cities everywhere in North America, and I personally enjoyed the experience while in my twenties for a number of years. We can't simply build our way out of the current dilemma, nor expect young working people to have the available savings or inclination to buy existing single-family homes, or to build from scratch in town. The alternative, of living at some distance in the county, and commuting, is NOT an alternative, and it only taxes the whole community by encouraging what as become a rush-hour of single-occupancy vehicles leaving town at 5 pm.

Let's re-inhabit Uptown.

From: To create affordable housing, we must legalize it | Housing Hub

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