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First, please correct an error - this clinic will be distributing Moderna vaccine, which is only approved for ages 18+, so 16-17 year olds (while now eligible for vaccination), will need to be vaccinated elsewhere. Jefferson Healthcare is vaccinating 16-17 year olds with the Pfizer vaccine.

Second, the information on eligibility is confusing when it should be simple. Why be confusing? You say it well right in the article:

“All people 16 or older are eligible for shots.”

Please reduce confusion and remove the two paragraphs listing all the conditions formerly eligible... ALL PEOPLE OVER 16 now eligible (as noted above, this clinic only vaccinates people over 18.) The two paragraphs listing eligible conditions are redundant and quite likely to confuse readers. And you already clarify in the next paragraph:

“Anyone who was eligible in earlier vaccine phases can also schedule an appointment.”

Vaccine rollout has been complicated enough. Now that we’re finally at the easy part, let’s make that easy to understand: Beginning April 15, anyone in WA over age 16

is eligible for vaccination.

From: Chimacum clinic offers COVID-19 vaccinations

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