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Trump did a hell of a lot better job protecting U.S. from those who would ignore and break our border laws, Biden hasn't a clue so he put's Harris in charge, how is that working out? "Border Patrol agents encountered more than 172,000 people trying to enter the US illegally along the border in March, up from the 100,441 who tried to cross in February, the agency said."(

" kin"

n. One's relatives or family.

n. A relative or family member.

Really Tom? you have kin that cross our border illegally? maybe that explains your liberal attitude towards illegals. Once many,many conversations ago I asked if you would be willing to open your property and house for the homeless to set up camp in. As I recall you were not too interested.

"let’s give the reality of the problem a bit more than 30 days." You bet Tom, just as you Trump-haters gave Trump.


From: Give us a break | Tom Camfield

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