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According to Dr. Locke at BoCC Tues, Jan 19:

WA state has been told by DC that our state will receive only 100,000 doses per week (either Pfizer or ModeRNA).


No new vaccine (brands) are expected to get EUA from FDA until at least April.

"Goals" are great, but if you don't have the supplies they are meaningless.

Do the arithmetic.

100,000 doses per week @ 2 doses per person = 50,000 people per week

At that rate, 7,000,000 people in WA = 140 weeks = 3 years to fully vaccinate entire state, and we still have no idea how long the vaccine lasts.

If it requires annual boost (like flu), we will never catch up with the spread.

Major increases in production, distribution, and vaccination are needed before this virus mutates into something that is immune to the current vaccines.

From: Jefferson Healthcare expands vaccines to 80-year-olds

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