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More from on line: “Despite the impending deadline on the Covid relief bill, a potential looming government shutdown, and the ongoing surge in coronavirus cases, Donald Trump still found time to lash out at fashion and lifestyle magazines.”

Their crime? Not featuring first lady Melania Trump on their covers during the administration’s four years in office. In a Christmas Day tweet, the president referred to the first lady as “the greatest of all time” and lambasted the fashion press as “fake news”.

The president’s moaning about the lack of adulation for his wife comes as many Americans experienced a lean holiday season, with millions facing the potential loss of unemployment insurance.

As one Twitter responder pt it: “You were wondering whether Donald Trump is focused today on the 18,500 Americans who've died in the last week of COVID-19. Nope; his big issue is how many fashion magazines his wife has been featured in.”

Or as another responder put it: “Great to see your priorities . . . Terrorism in Nashville; Pandemic 320,000 dead; Russian Bounties; Russian Cyber attack; About to attack Iran . . .”

Should we see mothers all in a dither over a fashion mag she can’t even afford—as her children stare at near-empty plates on the dinner table?

From: It’s China, says Donald

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