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"Oct 15, 2019 · Hunter Biden on Tuesday said he did nothing wrong when he served on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, but acknowledged that he likely got high-paying positions on such boards because “I’m the son of the vice president of the United States.”. In his first public statements since the scandal exploded in Washington, Biden told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that it was “poor judgment” on his part to hold the job, which reportedly paid him $50,000 a month. "

"Give me some proof that he "got millions from China.".....

"One of Hunter Biden’s business partners has come forward to corroborate the legitimacy of new reporting that shows former Vice President Joe Biden stood to rake in millions from Chinese businessmen through his son Hunter serving as the conduit.

In a statement emailed to The Federalist and other news organizations, Tony Bobulinski, a former Biden partner, confirmed he was a recipient of an email published by the New York Post last week, dated May 13, 2017, showing Hunter Biden was offered a contract worth $3 million a year for “introductions alone.” The same email included an obscure note to setting aside 10 percent for “the big guy,” which Fox News reported was a reference for Joe Biden which has now been corroborated by Bobulinski." Here, do your own Google search.....(

"did you every(sic) think it might be a backlash from 4 long miserable years of Republican rule.".....Actually, it was two years.

"His sister-in-law was not a widow. "..... HUH? If Beau Biden died doesn't that make his wife a widow?

"Just keep spewing your lies Just in hale".....what in my comment was a lie?

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