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Just can't give it up, just like Trump, he lost but doesn't care. In his fog addled brain he will always be king.

Tom can send money to anyone he wants to, put your money where your mouth is, perfectly legal, I sent money to Kentucky to try to get rid of Mitch McConnell, pity he is still there.

You worry about the Democrats having control of the government, did you every think it might be a backlash from 4 long miserable years of Republican rule.

As to Donald Trump lookalike son, he has room to talk, out there shooting elephants, screwing around on his wife and kids (just like dear old dad), dating a woman who thought her parents were immigrants (oh that's right Puerto Rico is a part of the U.S.)

Then there is Hunter Biden who admitted he had a drug problem and dealt with it. Hunter never admitted he used his Dad's position to get millions from Ukraine (you and Trump decided it sounded good so spread it around, even though it's was proven to not be true). Give me some proof that he "got millions from China." His sister-in-law was not a widow. In Colonial times a single brother-in-law was expected to marry his brother's widow. Of course that's just history not really relevant today.

Just keep spewing your lies Just in hale and your puppet master.

From: Welcome, Georgia! | Tom Camfield

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