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"The catastrophe began with Trump’s initial refusal to take seriously the threat of a once-in-a-century pandemic." No, the catastrophe began when the BSL4 lab in Wuhan decided, with the aid of Fauci, the CDC, and some US tax dollars, to mess with the SAR's virus and then couldn't contain their work properly. And you want to thank Fauci and the CDC? That's just nuts.

Skepticism of the "science", there are millions of your fellow Americans who are skeptical of the "science" of the Covid19 virus, and Trump voiced that same skepticism.

Impatient with health restrictions, there are Millions of your fellow Americans who also had a problem with some of the stupid restrictions, and mask mandates, and forced to take a vaccine in order to keep their job.

From: Don and Ron | Tom Camfield

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