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"Donald Trump has been unable to lie his way to control of a Free Press through the uneducated over-use of short near-illiterate jabs via social media and rabble-rousing pep rallies — and control of intelligence organizations such as the FBI and various courts via appointments.".....That's certainly true, Trump does not control the lying biased MSM, and he certainly doesn't control the deep state of our intelligence agencies. Trump certainly didn't control the Trump/ Russia collusion hoax, this is from Wikipedia: " Steele, a former head of the Russia Desk for British intelligence (MI6), was writing the report for the private investigative firm Fusion GPS, who were paid by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC)."

Yes the Florida legislature passed a bill that banned the teaching of sexual deviancy to children, and DeSantis signed it into law. Do you want your children to be instructed in sexual deviancy? I sure don't, and it seems as though the good people of Florida, through their representatives, don't either. That's called Democracy. And DeSantis was right to can that prosecutor who refused to follow the law, prosecutors don't make the laws, their job is to uphold and enforce them, I guess you don't like that either.

"DeSantis also signed a law this year allowing Florida residents to carry concealed firearms without permits . . . " If state law allows "open carry" of a firearm, why should an adult citizen have to pay to conceal the fact? Isn't that the law in Washington state? I guess you don't like that right either.

"anti-LGBT+ laws put in place by Florida Governor DeSantis have triggered a “mass migration” out of the state." Not true!

Tom, if you are interested in knowing about DeSantis I suggest you read one of his books.

From: Don and Ron | Tom Camfield

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