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The Second Amendment also says that the right "shall not be infringed.” What do you think a ban on firearms is?

The early Americans understood the importance of a well-armed populace that could be called to defend our country, and they did. Nowdaze there is this idea that we are somehow safer without firearms, and only the government can be trusted with them.

This is from Wikipedia, militia: "a private group of armed individuals that operates as a paramilitary force and is typically motivated by a political or religious ideology. specifically: such a group that aims to defend individual rights against government authority that is perceived as oppressive."

What distinguishes a Militia from any other group of citizens?

They have firearms!

What is ridiculous is relying on others to provide for your security in your home. God forbid any of us ever have to face an armed break-in. My first line of defense is to get my shotgun, unchambered, and then my cell phone to call the sheriff and hope I have a signal and they get there in time to help me. What do you do? call for someone with a gun?

From: The word | Tom Camfield

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