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Respectfully, Mr Berg, I would advise you to learn the history with which you are admittedly unfamiliar. In fact, the era of the Klallam in Port Townsend was brief: they only occupied the area in the mid-19th century, after the much older Chimakum Tribe were annihilated by the Suquamish and their allies (led by the often misquoted Chief Seattle). One of the greatest insults you can cast upon Native people, who have already suffered many injuries of history, is to paint them all with one brush. The notion that the PT golf course should serve as some kind of haven for subsistence living relies on a romantic caricature of the Indian. If the deed to the land were indeed relinquished, and the “ancestral owners” consulted, I suspect you would rather end up with a similar situation to that in Blyn: slots and pot. For this purpose you might reconsider the suitability of your own precious house and lot.

From: Give back ‘city’ land to ancestral owners | Letter to the editor

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