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That’s one perspective. If Republicans aren’t “allowed” to discuss black history because they weren’t there, then who is? Everyone I know alive wasn’t there!

And how many typical Alabama country clubs did you attend to back up your statements? Statements like these only solidify the past instead of the future. I doubt the past is truly where you want this argument to continue from.

As far as Republicans voting for black individuals to promote their agenda, how would you classify Mr Bidens and the democrats selection of Katanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court?

She is unable to define what a woman is! How can she then effectively legislate for womens rights going forward? That’s a somewhat confusing as it contradicts your letter.

It’d be a shame that someone (not a republican, a lifelong democrat) had the gall to ask these questions instead and have them answered! Do you have any solutions to bring people together despite party lines rather than just stating fancily republicans are the problem?

Blessings to you.

From: Amid McCarthy drama, Republicans tried to play the race card | Elwood Watson

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