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I’LL BE CREEPING UP ON MY 96TH BIRTHDAY by the time the 2024 election rolls around, and a lot can happen between now and then. But that election remains one of my several goals of the moment. … more
While spouting off in all directions with lies of convenience from a limited vocabulary, ex-President Donald Trump appears determined to convince the nation’s voting public by election day 1964 … more
Donald Trump has been unable to lie his way to control of a Free Press through the uneducated over-use of short near-illiterate jabs via social media and rabble-rousing pep rallies—and control … more
Deer have grown to like and trust us, it seems. This fawn later was moved to a more secluded spot. We’ve lived quite a while in the same house on an oversized. well-hedged lot … more
“COUPLE OF,” AS ABOVE, IS ANOTHER source of some argument. A for-instance is the writer of a fiction book under the Tom Clancy name that I recently read. He writes about “a … more
IN THE MEANTIME, young-enough President Biden, who will reach my age in about 14 years, seems to be doing fairly well with the American public—despite a conservative Supreme Court, a GOP House … more
DIES YOUNG, DIES HORRIBLY—The death occurred in the Fulton County jail ini Atlanta, Georgia, where Thompson was eaten alive by bedbugs and perhaps other insects, according to family attorney … more
MORE ABOUT RACISM (and a surviving Free Press)—The Seattle Times reported late last week that “a county commissioner in far southeast Oklahoma who was identified by s local newspaper as … more
I see no sense in dismissing history with a little red cap and proclaiming some vague moment in the past for America’s ”greatness” that we should strive to re-achieve. … more
SO ONCE AGAIN I ILLUSTRATE with my hapless great grandchildren—from left Claire, Iris and Simon Camfield-Bronstein. They will have little to do with creation of the near future of the early … more
THE CLAIM ABOVE, OF COURSE, IS STARKLY AT ODDS, “not only with the history of westward expansion but with the history of Florida; thousands of Native Americans were forcibly relocated from the … more
AND I NOTICED A HEADLINE on page one of The Seattle Times the other morning that read: “Students of color now the majority in Washington Public Schools.” Simon also fills the bill in that … more
I like the way the rainbow above ends aboard the local ferry chugging to or from its berth . . . and the calm manner in which the local gull poses for the photo. MEANWHILE, models predict that … more
So here we are in 2023—Ukraine in a shambles as Putin sits uncaring at the head of an ill-informed and incompetent Russian military, bombarding civilian targets in Ukraine in the dead of an icy … more
And please, if you insist on telling me how Port Townsend “used to be,” consider that I can recall snow in the backyard up on Willow St. back in the winter of 1932-’33. In the fall … more
It will have been 8 years or so since a majority vote of the public first escaped his grasp, as Trump the other day prematurely announced his third shot at the presidency, via the 2024 … more
THE .45 PISTOLS ABOVE were featured in an on-line ad that begins: “The ‘Keep America ‘Great’ (KAG) Trump 1911 features the President’s 2020 campaign model engraved on … more
“I WILL NOT STAND BY AND WATCH. I will not let the will of the American people be overturned by wild conspiracy theories and baseless evidence-free claims and fraud. I will not stand by and … more
COMMON SENSE ALONE MAKES IT OBVIOUS that Second Amendment conservatives make it up as they go—praising guns out one side of their mouth . . . then deploring them with totally untrue innuendo … more
"Mitch McConnell is not an Opposition Leader, he is a pawn for the Democrats to get whatever they want," Trump said in a statement last week. "He is afraid of them, and will not do … more
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